Striking elegance.

When we started in Remstal 12 years ago, it was clear that we really wanted something new:
Honest wines with a strong character that make the soil on which they grow come alive. Complex, multi-layered wines that have one thing in common: elegance.

In 2020, we have further developed this approach stylistically and also sharpened the exterior of our wines: bottles that reflect the sophistication of their inner workings.

parfum der erde Weinberg

Organic quality.

When in the morning the mist rising between the organically cultivated vines catches the natural, untouched aromas of the surroundings, then we capture this moment. And let it - naturally and undisguised - carefully find its way from the vineyard to the barrel and bottle directly to our customers year after year in the tonality of our complex wines. For a moment of enjoyment in a glass (certified organic from the 2018 vintage).