We take our time.

We grant our wine time to mature. For years we let it flourish in barrel and bottle before the first glasses are filled.

We cherish each bottle until the wine is on its way to finding its inner balance. Our wish is that its character unfolds fully when poured into the glass.

Our passion is complexity and elegance.

Established in 2006. A young Swabian winemaker met a technology enthusiast who grew up in one of the most international metropolises in Europe - Hamburg.

They are passionate to amaze all the senses of connoisseurs worldwide with a provocative journey rendered by the artful, elegant and complex aromas of typical Swabian varieties.


We cherish our old and seasoned vines.

We have carefully selected varieties that express the diversity of the best terroirs of our native Keuper weathering landscape. Soon the first plots will have to struggle with wind and sun, rain and drought for half a century.

Our vines have now learned to compose a variety of fine aromas from the numerous nutrient chains. We don't harvest much, but what we bring in is of the finest taste and quality.


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